Humans crave interaction, and tend to learn better in in-person environments.

In today’s digital age, everything is being done virtually. Mail is now sent through electronic accounts, phone calls can be made with video over the Internet, and increasingly more people are now working remotely from home. People no longer can imagine a time when communication wasn’t done instantly.

Although the advantages of telecommunications cannot be denied—it makes communication instantaneous, cheaper, and more convenient—it’s important to remember that before all the advancements in science and technology, people used to interact more.

Why is this? Because of the fundamental reality that humans are social beings. The young and an increasing number of adults now find themselves active on social media, but their search for connections show that people crave human interaction. According to Ray Williams, a contributing writer for Psychology Today, human interaction is fundamental to one’s life and is one of the defining human characteristics that separate us from the rest of the species in the animal kingdom.

Physical interaction is the best way to learn, communicate, and attain memories. It’s a fact that all meaningful relationships are developed through personal interactions, with the strongest connections made when there is time spent together.

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